Takin' it to the limits! 


It's a tough little truck.  We've been beating the crap out of this 91 Toyota 4X4 with a V6 for a while now. The only real problem it had was a split radiator which we soldered up. It's really funny! We took it through the moguls that we run the HUMMERs through and the holes just SWALLOW the Yoda. The body and frame flex so much it keeps popping out of 4WD so we gotta crawl under it and persuade the linkage back in.  We've jumped it a lot of times now and the rear axle is no longer in the same spot. We've run it through the woods and it performs pretty well......but you know it wont last! Through the moguls, we had her at apex and tied her off so we could get the flip another time on video.

The Video



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