Geo Prizm

Dead cars suck.....but we can still have a little fun with it, Right?  You can still drag it, push it, mud it, and crash it.

Pics here.........Video at the bottom.

geoprizm01.jpg (111853 bytes) geoprizm02.jpg (132557 bytes) geoprizm03.jpg (145630 bytes) geoprizm04.jpg (178041 bytes)

geoprizm05.jpg (135623 bytes) geoprizm06.jpg (167289 bytes) geoprizm07.jpg (117047 bytes) geoprizm08.jpg (168771 bytes)

geoprizm09.jpg (165715 bytes) geoprizm10.jpg (161934 bytes)


Don't forget what I told you.......Dead carz suck.

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