HUMMER Homecoming III

The HH3 was a great time for us to visit with old friends, make new ones, and enjoy the camaraderie of owning and driving Hummers.  It started out with registration at the vendors expo building.  Get your bag of goodies, including a T shirt, hat, lapel pin, stickers, and an assortment of literature, in a nice cloth book bag to carry them around in.  In a nut shell, the vendors I stopped to look at were : TEAM R and R Disaster AssistanceAM General driving academy, Garmin, Tread Lightly, Blue Ribbon Coalition, RGD Designs Ltd, Burston Marketing(, Real Wheels Accessories, Bagman, Lynch Hummer's Adventure Accessories, Mile Marker Winches, Predator Motorsports, Teaka Toys, AM General Parts Department, and Hope.

Other things to do included: an excursion to Silver Lake on Monday and Friday for some off roading at the dunes, a barbecue and 60 mile Motorcade on Tuesday, Swap meet, the Rod Hall Team Hummer was there, Show and Shine, Lee Greenwood Concert on Thursday night along with dinner and a tribute to the armed forces, H1 tech classes, H2 tech classes, h3 tech classes, the old HUMMER H1 plant tour (where they continue to make the HUMVEE), the H2 plant tour, a Ride & Drive of the H1, H2, and H3, Hummer Truck Games, HOPE trail endorsement, Red Cross first aid, Military vehicle display, Remote controlled HUMMER course, HUMMER tactical mountain Bike course, tours of the College Football Hall of Fame, Potawatomi Zoo, University of Notre Dame, and Studebaker National Museum.

If you were board, it was your own fault, the event was fairy well organized, some things better than others, but there was so much going on, there was NO WAY you could do all of it.  You had to pick and choose the things you were most interested in.  The weather was very cooperative except for a little shower one evening.  Some people traveled quite a distance to get here and for the third, and probably FINAL homecoming, you came away with a lot to talk about.  The highlights for me were number ONE, meeting some new friends and visiting with old friends especially at the  AMG off road course (thanks Alec, Tim, Steve, John, Trevor, Chris, Pete, and Scott. you guys ROCK!)  Matt Crawford, a tech class teacher helped answer some technical fuel related question we had. 

Another highlight was getting the opportunity to meet someone I've got a HUGE amount of respect for, John Hamrick from Team R&R Disaster Assistance.  If you only click one link on this site, make it the Team R&R link please. He was at the World Trade Center on the morning of Sept 12, 2001 when the sun came up. A 15 year veteran of the Ft. Wayne Fire Department. He earned the Medal of Valor for a river rescue, is a Jefferson Award recipient, and nominated Fire Fighter of the year 2006, and so much more.  Thanks to the staff of the Hummer Club, Inc, 

We stayed at the campgrounds inside the fairgrounds and had a great time partying with all the fellow Hummer owners around the fire.  When stuff broke, they all got together to fix it. The RV is home sweet home to us throughout the year, so our accommodations were comfortable. Recon and Tucker, our rescued dogs enjoyed the HH3 and meeting new people too.  Linda North, President of the Hummer Club, Inc, stopped by the campgrounds to say "hi".  We brought the golf cart along which made transport easier.  All in all, it was a great family event.  A special thanks to the Hummer Club Inc, AM General, and GM for their hospitality.

 I did get to meet Jim Armor, President and CEO of AM General.