Total Lumination

Couldn't pass up this deal. 1993 Chevy Lumina that runs and drives which leads us to the flying Lumina.  This car jumped great and sounded bad ass once the  exhaust was torn off. We dished out some HummerTUFF whoopass on it and bashed it for a couple days.


Jumping Lumina

Jeep almost rolling it over!

Mud pit madness!

The following four videos were taken as part of the last in the series. After two attempts at blasting through the mud pit(and running out of gas), we made it through the third time!

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We used the winch cable of the Hummer to rip that hood off.  The car looks better that way.

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I blasted it through the mud pit twice.....almost made it to the end twice....and ran out of gas.....twice.

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Mark tried to flip the Lumina with his Jeep and did a pretty respectable job of getting it up there.

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We kept having to jump it to get it started which sucks

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Hard to believe that it still runs and drives

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That Lumina looked pretty good going through the air!!!!

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