This is what happens when

other truck follow in the ruts of a Hummer H1.

It's not a pretty sight.........but funny as hell!!!  Our Hummer TUFF silver wagon(38's) made these ruts and guys with 44's couldn't figure out why they couldn't make it.



I don't care what you run, if you try to follow a HUMMER, you better have a good source for parts to fix your truck, a tow strap to yank you out, and Triple A to get you home.

The HUMMER hole

It will swallow your truck with 44"X21" tires.

The HUMMERS ruts will chew you up and spit you out.  This is not place to take your Jeep unless you want to rip off your steering box.....opppsss.

I don't care how fast you go, you'll just hit the windshield harder (ask the passanger).  Watch this full size truck hit my ruts so hard the back tires come out of the water!  

Another victim!  It hit and bent the springs and shocks........oh.....and U-joint.

Follow my Hummer and take the abuse at your own risk. These trucks got spanked.  Neither big wheels nor speed can make up for a well designed off road vehicle like the H1.