Ride along with Hummer TUFF.com on our behind the scenes look at the Schepel HUMMER Capabilities Demonstration Area.

The staff at Schepel HUMMER invited us to see what their track is all about......and let us take pictures and videos!

It's definitely another chapter surrounding HUMMER's cutting edge manufacturing and marketing.  Schepel HUMMER has taken the time (and money) to build a course to show you just exactly what a Hummer can do........with NO EXCUSES.  You'll never see another auto maker build a course like this to demonstrate how extremely capable their vehicles are.  The course is based on the AM General off road course located South Bend and designed to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from your Hummer.


Schepel Hummer is located at 2815 W. Lincoln Highway (US 30), Merrillville, IN

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Contact the staff at Schepel Hummer when you're ready for adventure.

Calvin Perdue, John Suckow, Greg Smith (internet sales manger) Jennifer Nellans, Jason Boone Sales Manager