Team R & R Disaster Assistance

One of the highlights of the Hummer Homecoming  for me was the chance to meet and get to know John Hamrick, the founder of Team R & R Disaster Assistance.  Other people went nuts over an opportunity to see Lee Greenwood in concert and get his autograph, but for me it was John Hamrick.  He is one of the most diversely skilled individuals I've ever met.  He has earned the Medal of Valor for a daring water rescue,  a Jefferson Award recipient, and recently nominated for Fire Fighter of the Year.  He's one of the most organized....ready for anything people you'll ever meet.  With a  few hours notice he will take time off from his full  time job as a Ft. Wayne Fire Fighter and have the appropriate gear in the truck and be in route to a disaster.  He doesn't need a phone call from people higher up to know when its time to respond, he determines the need and responds accordingly.  Most disaster relief is slow and inefficient, whereas Team R & R has the skill and motivation to analyze the situation and determine where he can be most effective. His background as a certified diver, fire fighter, communications tower serviceman have given him the skills to work at any level.  Although he has gotten some support from a few businesses, 95% of Team R & R's funding comes from John's income as a Ft. Wayne Fire Fighter.  John heard  about the planes hitting the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001,  loaded his gear and he was there when the sun came up the next morning, driving his Hummer H1 converted to a rescue vehicle,  to New York City.  He says hurricanes give him up to 3 days to prepare his gear, analyze the storm and where it will hit land, determine the area he can be most effective, and help the people that need it most.  Helping people is Johns motivation.  He is an enthusiastic person, highly skilled, but very humble and down to earth. You can take a look at his web site  by clicking here.....Team R and  A couple of ideas I had for the Hummer community is to offer him parts and technical support when he is on the road.  We know how much maintenance the H1 requires.  I'm not sure where you're from, but chances are, John has probably responded to an emergency near you.  You can help by emailing him and letting him know that you are willing to help him out when he's in your area.  As he puts it, even the rescuer needs rescued sometimes, like when the transportation breaks down.  Send him an email and let him know how you can lend support and a number he can reach to get a hold of you.  You can support him financially (which is probably the biggest help), and by home cooked meals, Hummer parts, and technical support.. is helping Team R & R with financial support to make a difference in America.  Chances are, you will never find a better organization that needs your support.  Take a few minutes and look at Team R & R's web site, get to know John and you'll see what I mean.

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