Want to see your car, truck, van, limo, combine, golf cart, space shuttle launch transporter, crane, train, motorcycle, airplane, or other motorized vehicle beaten and abuse to death?  Let us do it for you!

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Here is what we are looking for:

1.  Any vehicle that runs or could reasonably be made to run.

     1a.  Brakes are optional

     1b.  Tires and rims are a good thing.

2.  Clear title in hand (required, don't show up with your mom's 2006 Escalade without the title).

3.  If it is within 100 miles, of Chicago, we will send a flatbed truck to pick it up.

4.  If it's farther, we will figure out the best method to transport.

5.  We would like you present for the destruction and sign a photo release.

6.  Talk your friends into having their car demolished on TRASH MY RIDE©

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