We got desperate.  Full size Ford E350..........Blahhhhh.  Ok, what the heck.  We couldn't find anything else that night so it was that or nothing.  We went to look at it.....and ladder racks, inside cage, and shelves.  $150., it runs, we bought it and in a few hours it's nothing more than a heap of scrap. After the third jump the ladder racks fell off. While winching the van off a tree we tore the cage out by running the strap through the passenger door and out the slider. On the third rally through the woods, the steering pump worked only intermittently, really screwing up the fun. We blew the radiator and after that, it wouldn't run for more than a few minutes at a time. Ever try to drag out a 6,300 pound heap of crap out of the woods with no steering?  That killed the fun.  We finally got it to a location we could make a run at it and finally got a good drag out.  While dragging it out, the van caught a full grown tree and with the momentum of two vehicles weight about 13,000 pound together, it knocked that tree over like a twig..........landing about a foot from the drivers door of the Hummer.  All together, it was an awesome time.

Jump it, rally it, crush it.

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Well it made it 2 and a half laps on our rally track through the woods and the steering box died. I went with Mark for a run and  we were blasting through at about 30MPH just beating the crap out of that van.

Van-dalized  Videos

Jump that heap 1

Jump that heap 2

Jump that heap 3

Woods Rally

Cable through the window

Smashing Trees

Drag it OUT

About 3/4 the way through the video you'll see the van catch on a 12" tree and pull it down....landing right next to the left side of the Hummer

Near Miss from Tree

First attempt to CRUSH

Push it in