Van-dalism II

Let's start with......NO MORE FORDS.  This will be the LAST one for a very VERY long time (unless it's a school bus or something cool). They are starting to Really piss me off. For some reason, they seem to catch fire pretty easy. That is cool and all, but we barely get the chance to beat on it before they burst into flames.

Saddle up that Van and JUMP it (3.46MB video 1)

Run it like a scalded dog! (3.22 MB video 2)

Run the wheels off it.....(literally)(2.73 MB Video 3)

She's a well oiled machine......NOT (6.47 MB Video 4)

vandalized2-01.jpg (135604 bytes) vandalized2-02.jpg (126988 bytes) vandalized2-03.jpg (94626 bytes) vandalized2-04.jpg (111165 bytes)

It was a junker that wasn't running, but someone wanted to trash it so bad they went out and bought a new fuel pump just to get the chance to dish out some HummerTUFF destruction on it.

Leave no window unbroken 1 (2.36 MB Video 5)

Leave no window unbroken 2 (3.48MB Video 6)

Disk GolF on the van windows 1 (1.23 MB Video 7)

Disk GolF on the van windows 2 (624 KB Video 8)

Disk GolF on the van windows 3 (499 KB Video 9)

vandalized2-05.jpg (91777 bytes) vandalized2-06.jpg (103327 bytes) vandalized2-07.jpg (118397 bytes) vandalized2-08.jpg (111114 bytes)

I've learned that if you don't have the right bolt pattern wheel, a plasma cutter will fix that(for a while).

make it into a minivan (4.11 MB Video 10)

vandalized2-09.jpg (122316 bytes) vandalized2-10.jpg (94817 bytes) vandalized2-11.jpg (154509 bytes) vandalized2-12.jpg (147757 bytes)

Get rid of that hood so we've got ram air. Bust a few windows. Rally Bash it through the woods and poof ENGINE FIRE

vandalized2-13.jpg (142757 bytes) vandalized2-14.jpg (152065 bytes) vandalized2-15.jpg (161328 bytes) vandalized2-16.jpg (136821 bytes)

Never wrap your tow strap through the upper radiator support (UNLESS you want to tear the front end off).

Stupid HUMMER tricks  (14.7 MB Video 11)

More stupid HuMMER tricks (13.7 MB Video 12)

The eulogy of the 1984 Van by Mark and Jerry (13.9 MB Video 13)

vandalized2-17.jpg (113037 bytes) vandalized2-18.jpg (159812 bytes) vandalized2-19.jpg (121867 bytes)

Nice job with the plasma cutter and wheel adapter kit.

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